Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Syd Barrett's Cambridge

I have converted and uploaded the ITV Anglia news feature from 3rd September about the upcoming City Wakes Festival in Cambridge.
And I quote from the website.

Supported by Syd’s family and friends, The City Wakes is the first ever official tribute to Syd Barrett – original front-man and songwriter for Pink Floyd. A celebration of Syd’s creativity, The City Wakes focuses on Syd’s early life in Cambridge, providing a showcase for his remarkable talent and painting a picture of the explosive and vibrant early 1960s cultural scene in which he grew up.

Involving many of Syd’s former friends – not least Storm Thorgerson and Mick Rock - The City Wakes includes concert performances, exhibitions, guided tours, music workshops, a 1960s style ‘happening’, talks and a new book of interviews and memorabilia.

I am very excited about all the amazing events during this festival and find it incredible that the creativity that has flourished in the wake of Roger's death seems to just grow and grow.
While he would laugh at the fuss,
I'm sure he would secretly be impressed!

I have converted and uploaded the clip as I know there are lots of fans abroad that are unable to watch the clip from the net.


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Anonymous said...

I want to go to City Wakes!
Thanks for the upload and the news.
What about the Very Irregular Head book? When is that coming out?
They said on the City Wakes mailing list that the author will focus on possible meanings in the song lyrics? Like the meaning of five in the game of dominoes?

Anonymous said...

Hello Ian,
Thank you for uploading the video to YouTube, but I've noticed that only half of it has been captured. Would you be able to upload the whole thing?

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that
I will look into it tomorrow and try and get the other half on.
It should be there but maybe youtube has cut it off - not sure?


Ian Barrett

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ian!! Cambridge is a beautiful city.
Waiting for the rest of the video..