Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Teletubbies See Emily Play
You really must watch this clip I was sent by a friend. It is the strangest and funniest thing I Have seen for ages!
quite who made it and how I have no idea, but I'm sure if Roger saw it he would wet himself with laughter.
It is just the sort of thing that would have appealled to his sense of humour. He loved a laugh. I think that may be one thing that has been forgotten over the years by others.

Appropos nothing - I was in my local Asda yesterday and had a really freaky experience. Love them or loathe them supermarkets are always being praised for their financial genius and ability to make money.
I needed some double cream. i was about to buy a 300ml pot for 88p. Then I saw a bigger 600ml one . Assuming of course that it would cost more ( and being larger than I needed) I stuck with the smaller one.
I then saw that the larger one was actually cheaper than the smaller one at 68p!!
Hello - Earth to Asda
Why do they even bother selling a small one if they are going to charge more for it than a large one?
Just after that I had another freakout while buying a frozen steak pie.
The pie itself was £1.46
On the box in big red letters was the statement Buy 2 for £3

Why will they sell you one for £1.46 and then offer to sell you two for £3???

That is more than 2 x £1.46 by my simple maths......

It does make you wonder how these shops make a profit if they have people making decisions like this behind the scenes doesn't it.!!!!

Oh well rant over.