Sunday, January 04, 2009

I would like to wish everyone a splendid New Year and a wonderful 2009
In many ways I prefer New Year to Christmas itself, not least because it is the one time I am guaranteed a good rest.
When you make and sell jewellery you can be sure that the pre-Christmas period will leave very little time to prepare for the Christmas period itself.
I am rushed off my litttle feet in the weeks before Christmas, which in these credit cruncy times can only be a good thing, but does leave you rather exhausted by the time the festivities come round.

We had a lovely time with Beccy's parents in Devon and Max had a good time to run wild.
He had 3 - yes THREE stickings set out around their house, just to be sure Santa had enough room to leave presents. That's not even counting the ones he scattered around the tree.
There was a splendid stash left for him. The boy did well!

I got a fantastic Stylophone and a jellyfish aquarium lamp so I can die happy!

Anyway -
Now I have got Christmas out of the way I will be posting much more regularly, so much more soon!

Love and peace to all!

Ian Barrett
Manchester, 2009