Thursday, August 07, 2008

A Day At Beeston Castle

We had a fantastic trip to Beeston Castle The other week.
It has been recommended by various people who said it is a beautiful site.
They weren't wrong!
As soon as you start approaching the site by car you can see the castle looming down at you from a huge hill.
Set in a stunning part of the Cheshire countryside it makes for an amazing trip.
We meandered up a hill along country lanes and parked in a stunning car park.
I have never been amazed by a car park before, but this really was a beauty!
It is set in a lovely little orchard and you leave your car in a lovely field surrounded by mature fruit trees.
Really pretty!
And the best thing about it was the ticket machine was broken so we got free parking.
We crossed the road to the Gatehouse and ticket office. The tickets were also free as Beccy works for Royal Mail and they get free entry to English Heritage sites. Double Hurrah!

The trek up to the castle itself is quite a trauma as it is really is perched on top of a VERY steep hill.
I guess this must be something to do with it being an ideal lookout post. Way back in those far off medieval days......

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