Sunday, August 19, 2007

While I'm not really one for advertising other peoples websites, I felt I just had to put a word in for Last FM
I'm sure some of you will be aware of it,but if you aren't then I may just help enrich your music listening power!
Essentially, it is like having an Internet music buff on hand to suggest music that is similar to things you already like.
I'm sure you have all had moments in record shops when you kind of know what you want to buy, but just not quite what.
You can use Last FM by telling it a band or singer that you do like, and it then provides you with a constant stream of songs that are similar to that. When I say similar, I don't mean identical, it merely leads you off down a tasteful path.

I'm sure the technology behind it must be quite sophisticated as it learns more about music over time. It must be building up a huge database of musical linkage. If you like A - then surely you must like B too........

You don't have to, but if you download the software from the site then the system is told automatically about every song you choose to play on your PC
It can then learn about your tastes in depth, and really start to help broaden your tastes.

You can just tap in a band to the site player, and it will create a stream of similar songs for you to try.
If you like them,buy them........

It's fantastic for a music fan to be offered such variety.

Give it a go here

I used it to create the little radio station you see playing on the right hand side of this page!

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