Friday, August 24, 2007

The UFO Club
I was very kindly sent this amazing clip by Rob Chapman - writer of a new Syd Barrett biography.
I have never seen it and never even knew it existed till now.
Watch it and be amazed
This is only a short clip, but it goes some way to satisfy the craving I have long had to see live Pink Floyd clips from the early days.
There are various audio clips of the 'freakout' songs, but it would be great to see some video clips of the supremely long Interstellar Overdrive versions they used to do
There are very few still extant.
I believe there will be ann unheard version of Interstellar Overdrive on the box release of 'Piper at The Gates Of Dawn' ( which is delayed until September I am reliably informed).
One thing I love about this clip is some of the terribly stern and earnest expressions on the faces of certain members of the audience!
You would think they were at a science lecture, not a psychedelic party!
You can spot Hoppy Hopkins and various other luminaries of the time if you look hard enough...


Anonymous said...

Watched it yesterday... Very unusual if not an odd audience. There also was a guy speaking a strange language, mixture of English, German and French :)

Anonymous said...

... but they are fabulous!