Friday, August 17, 2007

On The Seventh Day........

The response to the death of Anthony Wilson has been both warming and necessary.
it is impossible to imagine what the Manchester cultural landscape would now look like without his intervention in it.
You can read his partner Yvettes response to the loss of Tony here.

Since his death last week - every time I go past the Hacienda site there are more and more flowers on the railings.
The most recent one - is just the words 'TONY' in white flowers.
As someone who loved the use of flowery prose, it seems remarkably apposite that this has now been placed in his memory!

It is also very poignant that Tony's passing comes in the middle of the release of 'Control' the Joy Division film - directed by Anton Corbijn.
It could be said that this takes something away from the film itself, and the success and downfall of Ian Curtis.
The two are inextricably linked. Without Tony, We may well never have seen the success of Joy Division.

I also heard yesterday that there are plans to name a road ( I presume in Manchester) after Tony Wilson. There may well soon be people living on 'Anthony H Wilson Way'
I never knew Tony, but I would guess that he would find that hilarious!
I know I found it hilarious when a brewery in Norfolk stared making ' Crazy Diamond Ale' A beer dedicated to the memory of Roger/Syd. As someone who loved his beer ( especially Guinness), I'm sure Roger is up there somewhere laughing himself silly over this.

Footnote - You must read these superb quotes from the man himself

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