Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn - 40th Anniversary Edition
28th August 2007

This looks to be an interesting release.
As per usual the guys at EMI have failed to add the tracks everyone REALLY wants to see finally released,Scream thy last scream and Vegetable Man, but there are some unreleased versions of Matilda Mother and Interstellar Overdrive. How much different they will be from what is out remains to be seen, but we must be positive.
I have seen proofs of the artwork used for the notebook Rog/Syd created many years ago and it looks great!
You may have seen some before. It was called 'Fart Enjoy' and has all sorts of cut up imagery and word play pasted onto more traditional painting.
I'm sure you will all enjoy reading that immensely!

My good friends at the Julian Cope Forum Head Heritage seem to have found the cheapest place for the 3disc set
It is £15.99 with free delivery at 101cd Click here to visit the page
I think Amazon has it for £11.99 but it is only the 2 disc set without the unreleased tracks so be careful you don't oder the wrong one!

It will be good to really see if the Mono version is that much different to the stereo.
I have an original mono edition from years ago and haven't heard the stereo one really so it might be fun to pit one agains the other. Im no true audiophile so may not hear any great difference. Only time will tell!

Enjoy it anyway......
Every track is a classic, but then I'm biased of course..

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Anonymous said...

Ian-- thanks so much for offering this information, was just what I wanted to know, especially the bit about 'Fart Enjoy'... I can hardly wait... thanks.