Wednesday, July 25, 2007


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You really must check out anything you can find from this superb band.
What more could you want from a band than mental Gypsy punk music!?
errr nothing in my opinion...
I first saw them on some Glastonbury footage from this year. One of the best of a fairly tawdry bunch of bands on the bill. ( I can only take SO many Kaiser Chiefs songs before my ears start to bleed!)
They are certainly Clash influenced and rock out with the most enthralling vibrant sound this side of Hell.
I couldnt really tall you what many of the songs are actually ABOUT, but I don't think literal meanings are really the point.
They use all sorts of weird instruments - violins, ballalaikas etc as well as some superb guitar playing.
They are touring the UK later this year and I for one hope to check them out in Manchester in December.

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