Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I was wondering if it would be OK to stick a small plug in for Jurassic Jewellery
I have been making fossil and meteorite jewellery for a while now, and in the last few months started to turn this into a full time business.
I have been studying on an entrepreneur scholarship for a few months and this has been great as bunch of likeminded people all keen to start their own businesses can get together and learn the skills they need.
I have been making all sorts of business plans and presentations and leaflets - and it is very close to official launch date.
Please check out my webshop here
I have lots of jewellery and fossils and meteorites here - and many more to come.

I'm the only person in the UK making silver jewellery with meteorites and looking to expand my sales.
I will be doing some shows across the North west in the next few months, and then across the country by next year. Do look out for me!!!!

Thanks for listening

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