Friday, August 10, 2007


Terribly sad.

Living in Manchester you are constantly surrounded by the legacy he created.
I went past the Hacienda site yesterday on the bus. What a stunning block of flats that turned out to be!

I didn't know him, but it's hard to live in Manchester and not know somone whose life he has touched in some way. And I don't mean that in a crass, sentimental way. People don't do sentimental in this town.
They just don't.

I saw him in my local Asda about a year ago. He seemed to be having trouble finding the right apples.
It was just nice to know he was around.

Knowing Tony's love of big words and intricate language I'm sure he could have written his own obituary better han anyone.
Maybe he is up there today looking down and reading all the obituaries, saying.....
'Thats not true...
That's rubbish...
Thats's nonsense......'

Goodbye Tony.

The music will go on.

You'll be pleased about that

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