Thursday, April 17, 2003

Mummydaddy lessons are hotting up and are VERY funny..
Every Wednesday we go and are entertained by the bizarre events that occur when 8 or so couples who DONT have kids come to terms with the practicalities of HAVING one !!

This week I bonded very closely with a lovely plastic baby with slightly sinister eyes. It was either possessed of some mild satanic influence or a heavy bout of wind. I just wasn't sure which. We seemed to get on very well, until I started to get a bit restless and began whacking its head on my leg which I guess probably isn't in the baby books.

We also got to watch the mildest and most sanitised birth video I've ever seen in my life. The potential mummy didn't so muchg as break into a sweat and certainly swear or scream like a banshee. She appeared to have a slight blockage, then her husband looked at her lovingly and kissed her brow tenderly , and then POP ! the baby appeared like the shopkeeper in Mr Benn !!
It was most unconvincing but put everyones worrries at rest, especially as labour complications (mainly things involving scissors and blood) had previously horrified the mummys to be into submission but 10 minutes earlier!

Everythings going very well and 2 jun is still the action date.
bring it on!!!!!

My play is now fully written and cast and I start directing it after Easter. If anyone in Manchester or beyond can come it will be 12-13 July at an Arts festival in North Manchester. Let me know and I'll give you details.
Moston Active Drama is the company and there are currently about 13 kids in the show.
Bye for now

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