Friday, March 21, 2003

Hi all
Baby Mummy's getting bigger and the little Barrettius Sproglet is cooking wonderfully !
One thing that dawned on me yesterday was that as long as he/she is born before 12 June I will get my first Fathers Day where I can actually celebrate and not just trundle into Clintons Cards and ponder for something ACTUALLY funny !
I do hope the card will be personally signed by my child and not just PP'ed by its Mother!

3 June is due date so not too long now. We've got a very cool cot mobile with zebra, giraffe, elephant and slightly creepy gorilla hanging down and it plays a funky tune.
I just can't wait to be able to shop for toys with impunity. Normally I buy lots of toys and get told off for letting them clutter the house up. Now I've got a valid reason to wander round toys R us for hours ! Huzzahhh !!

I found a truly awesome toy the other day
this is an incredible robotic jellyfish that you let go in a big tank and it flips and wibbles itself around !! how cool is that!!?
I've got my diving training behind me now so I am fully qualified to drown myself across the world. I can't wait to test what I learned in Egypt somewhere else and discover some wrecks with vast amounts of gold and diamonds on them. Possibly
Anyway off to the Dentist now to pay for some pain and prodding. Hurrah
see ya

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