Friday, February 22, 2008

I've Done it!

I am very proud to announce that as of Valentines Day last week - we are engaged!
We had a fantastic trip to London last week, and this gave me the GENIUS idea of proposing to Beccy on the Thames - on Valentines Day.
This was Max' first trip to London so he has been excited for WEEKS before!
Every day it was a case of...
Are we going to London today?
No, not yet
'No, soon...'

When the day finally came we had a pleasant - if slightly hot trip down the country courtesy of Virgin Trains. The air conditioning was broken down in our carriage. Thanks Mr Branson!

For my plan to come together we would have to drop our stuff off anbd get down to the River fairly quickly. Beccy wasn't too keen on taking a boat that day and wanted to save it for the next day.
Proposing the day AFTER Valentines day just doesn't have the same ring though does it!

We finally reached Embankment, and after a rather long walk down the Thames we got to the boat I had thought of using. It goes from Tate Modern up to Tate Britain at Millbank.
I thought this should give me JUST enough time to do the dastardly deed.

I had a cunning plan for this act.
Everyone loves sweets. Especially MAX!
During the journey I whisked out a cunningly concealed packet of Loveheart Sweets and offered one to everyone.
Max had one first -
The next one down just happened to be a SPECIAL one I had made myself.
It was solid silver - and embossed with the words 'MARRY ME'
When Beccy saw this the penny dropped. As did her jaw!
Luckily for me she didn't look upset or worried ,and promptly said yes!
I could now relax...

The rest of the day was fantastic, and we went back up to Baker Street where we were staying.A lovely day, and a job well done!

No immediate plans, but all is well with us and we couldn't be happier!

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