Monday, January 14, 2008

SHOCK HORROR NEWS ...... Musicians Take Drugs......

You may be as horrified as I to discover the news revealed by a hugely expensive report instigated by Dan Quayle, that bastion of morality and common sense in the USA.
You can read more about the report here

I'm glad I'm not a US citizen as if I was I think I would be disgusted that my money was being spent on what seems a fairly obvious state of affairs.
Far be it from me to incriminate members of my own family - but as Roger has now passed away i think that makes him immune from prosecution.
I don't think the world is likely to be TOO shocked that both he AND ALSO OZZY OSBOURNE took drugs during their career..!
OH MY GOD. THAT'S AMAZING!!! ( As my good friend Texas Bob from The Television Personalities would say.)


Anonymous said...

Dirk McQuickly: Well, we're shocked.
Ron Nasty: Yeah, shocked.
Barry Wom: Shocked.
Dirk McQuickly: And stunned.
Ron Nasty: Yeah, stunned.
Barry Wom: Very stunned.

(c) All You Need Is Cash,The Rutles

Anonymous said...

Most musicians I know take drugs and it's not limited to how famous you are either.

Sadly it seems it goes with the territory!