Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Scary Trip To The Doctor Who Exhibition - Manchester

Last Saturday we had a great ( if disturbing for some small people) trip to the Doctor Who exhibition at the Museum of Science and industry in Castlefield.~
I've been looking forward to this for months now, and really enjoyed it.
While some might point out that it is really just a load of props in a room, they are so well displayed it makes for a fantastic experience.
It is a very loud show, with video clips and loudspeakers all over the place, blaring sirens and phasers all around the space.
Amusing highlight for me was meeting a fake Tom Baker Doctor wandering through the exhibition. He just walked up to us and acknowledged us with a knowing wink.
I remember meeting the real Tom Baker many years ago, so it was nice to meet his doppelganger so many years later.
When I met the real one I got to sit for a good while in a bar with him. He asked me if I was scared of the monsters. I said no - so he gave me a signed postcard dedicated
' For Ian B ( The brave!)'
I still have it to this day in a folder!

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