Friday, July 13, 2007

New Syd Barrett Book

As some of you may know - there is a new biography of Rog/Syd being written by a chap called Rob Chapman
I met with him this week as he lives near me, to find out his plans for the book.
The book is due to be finished late in 2008 and published early 2009.
Please don't hold your breath for the book as it isn't due to be finished until late in 2008 and published early 2009, but I for one am very excited about reading it when it is finally finished.
Rob is certainly being thorough with his writing and hopes to interview as many of the pivotal figures in Roger's life as possible.

He is writing the book by focusing on the art Roger created and not from the often fanciful ' lunacy' stories so often trotted out.
He will be analysing the lyrics in depth and it seems to me that it will be by far the most intriguing and thorough written analysis yet written.

All fans of Syd Barrett are certainly in for a treat!

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