Sunday, June 24, 2007

UFO vs Futuresonic
You can see a bunch of great photos I've been sent from the UFO show in Manchester in May
Basically - it was an amazing night featuring the psychedelic legends from the original UFO club in the Sixties. John 'Hoppy' Hopkins and Jack Moore were there.
These guys are absolutely pivotal to the development of the London and Global psychedelic scene.
Hoppy and Jack recreated some of their original lightshow tricks and combined these with some more modern dance legends, including a member of Kraftwerk, and the underground and mysterious 'Black Devil Disco Club'
( watch a clip of them at the show)

It was such a trip to meet and talk to them.
You can read an article written by Hoppy Hopkins about the show and the amazing UFO scene

I have plenty of other pictures of the night if anyone wants to see them


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