Monday, June 25, 2007

The Lunatics Have taken over The Asylum

It has amazed me lately to see two singers resuscitated onto a stage that I both adore, and thought would never see play again.
Both Daniel Johnston and Roky Erickson have been playing regularly and even graced these shores with their psychedelic presence.
Tragically - I just missed Daniel Johnston who even played here in Manchester.
Review here
With precious little promotion of his 2 shows here I had no idea he had played in town. (A serious Bummer that!)
I have long loved the fragile heartfelt voice he sings with and the way he perseveres with an incredibly prolific art career as well. If you have seen any of his cartooon art you will know that it is both naive and yet deeply moving. Much like his music really.

And as for Roky Erickson - well the man is a true legend. i have said it to others, and I will say it now - I truly believe he has the greatest rock voice of all time.
You can keep your Robert Plant's and your Roger Daltreys, give me Roky singing 'Two Headed Dog' any day!
I remember emailing someone from his trustees many years ago, just to ask how Roky was. there was very little real news on him in the press, and I wanted to hear something concrete. Obviously the career of Roky has many parallels with Roger/Syd's and I felt a kinship for this reason.
Weirdly I was told by Roky's friend that they actually share the same name. Roky's real name is Roger as well!
How odd is that....
Unfortunately, with going down to London for the Barbican tribute I couldnt travel down again so soon to see Roky. I remain hopeful that he will play again sometime and I will get to see him - and hear that voice!

Please come back Roky and Daniel

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