Monday, January 20, 2003

Hi all. Things are going fantastically with the baby Barrett. It really will be unleashed on the world very soon and looking at the size of Beccy's belly now it could be any day now - even though its not due for 4 months !!
We've got another scan next friday and we can see if it's go the expected 2 spines. I'm famous at work for having two spines (not just two but spines that rearrange themselves every 6 months into a different arrangement !)
We only saw 1 spine on the first scan but this one is more detailed so hopefully it will show up.

I've been busy working on the play I'm hoping to direct later in the year. I've been working with the kids I'll be directing as they finish their current show off . It's called 'When Dali came to Moston'
and if anyones interested it's on at the Contact Theatre on 6 February. Let me know if you want tickets.

Been doing a lot of painting lately which I've found a lot of fun. I'm very untrained as I didn't really take much notice of Mr Flack and the strange Mrs Woolston; my Art teachers at school but I enjoy it. If my scanner worked I'd scan some in but it doesn't so you'll have to wait till it's mended. I've moved onto oil paints on canvas now but the paint is a bit crap and takes ages to dry !! bugger...

Anyway I'm off to make a curry...

see y'all soon.

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