Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Bombay Bad Boy!

I couldn't help but chuckle when I read the below blog from Captain Sensible the other day.
He really isn't lying when he says it is an integral part of The Damned Rider.
When I met up with the band after their superb show in Manchester a while back I was lucky enough to be present with an actual pot of 'Bad Boy'.
I carefully transported this rock artifact home and sampled it's glories the next day.
I must say I was pretty impressed, but it wasn't as hot as I had anticipated.
Very pleasant though!

Oh, the sumptuous luxury us international celebrities are cosseted in as we travel the globe spreading joy and happiness!


I'll let you into a secret - on our gig contracts is a clause that says the promoter must supply, along with the bevarage requirements - 6 Pot Noodles..... and the 'BOMBAY BAD BOY' variety at that.

If you've never indulged discard the anti pot noodle snobbery and get down the shops to purchase one as ASAP as you are seriously missing out on a tongue sizzling experience. Blimey playmates, these snacks are HOT.... and that's coming from your vindaloo guzzling chums in the Damned.

Don't cheat and omit to apply the hot sauce though as you'd only be defrauding yourself of one of the great snack sensations of our times.


Oh, and if there are those out there who are on some strict diet or other then a good second best is TRUfree's Rice & Lentil Quick Snack - 80g of heaven..... especially if you bung in a bunch of chilli sauce or whatever.

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Captain Sensible said...

I limit myself to one a week. Obviously this is NOT health food BUT as part of a balanced diet....

C U down the curry mile when we play Manchester next?

Cap, X