Monday, September 10, 2007

The UK's First Art Car Parade - Manchester City Centre
We had a fantastic trip on Saturday lunchtime to see the Art Car Parade in town.
Basically it was a chance for people who have created amazing mutated cars to parade them to the crowds.
You can understand the event better from the pictures than I could ever describe it. It was most amazing!
My favourite was the car being grabbed and eaten by a huge metal monster!! ( first picture) This car even had a man hidden in the mouth, operating the head.

There was one car called the Tonefloat that had been turned into a musical instrument with a huge rack of milk bottles tuned to different pitches all around the outside. The creators had rigged it up to a complex system of hammers controlled by a computer. It really was making music! Incredibly silly and wonderful.
Another favourite was 'The Cremulator'
Basically it was a combined hearse and crematorium. It was a hearse, but with a HUGE digger arm fitted to the top.Bearing in mind they had created a mini crematorium inside the hearse, I'm not exactly sure why they needed the huge arm - as there would be no body to bury after cremation but it looked superb!

There were several cars covered in GRASS. (There was even a 4x4 that had been turned into the whole Lake District!).
The lowest car in the World was super too. I would guess it was roughly 10 inches off the ground. The driver and passenger pretty much just poke out of the sunroof as there is very little room inside the car.

There aren't many towns where such a silly venture could be both created ansd funded. This event is one of the reasons I love Manchester so much.
It was free. It was colourful. And most of all - it brought people together on a lovely sunny Saturday lunchtime.
What could be a better idea!

PS - Max loved the car covered in grass - with people playing golf on the roof the most.( we even ended up being interviewed for some obscure TV station while standing around admiring the cars..)

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