Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Captain has Left The Sinking Ship

The buyout - or should I say sell-out of the Body Shop to L'Oreal has rather strangely been a surprise to me.
I think I may have had my gullibility gene tweaked into action as I clung on to the idea that Anita Roddick would really not sell her last bottle of tea tree flavoured ethics up her beloved Amazon without a paddle.

How wrong I was!!!

Oh how she will enjoy the £160 million she is set to pocket - as well as staying on in an advisory capacity. I don't think her skills at diluting an ethical stance to please shareholders will really cut the mustard now the company is back in private hands.

It could be that L'Oreal will actually do a better job of guiding the company than she has managed over the last ten years.

We shall have to wait and see...

Let's hope Lush cosmetics don't jump ship and go the same way!

You must read Merricks superb article on the sellout

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