Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Please do take a look at the new Jurassic Jewellery website
It has been totally rebuilt and both looks a damn sight better, and is LOADS easier to navigate.
I will be adding lots of new items to the shop soon, so if you havent checked it out for a while - please do!
Ian Barrett
Jurassic Jewellery

Monday, April 06, 2009

Manchester Evening News -Interview
A few weeks back I gave an interview that was published in the Manchester Evening News and also the South Manchester Reporter.
It was given to coincide with the regional premiere of a superb Tom Stoppard play - Rock and Roll.
The show was put on at the Library Theatre in the Centre of Manchester.
This show features Syd Barrett as one of it's main themes, and as the show is local and I am local, the paper thought it would be interesting to link the two.

You can read the full interview HERE

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jurassic Jewellery - Now Available At The Troubadour Gallery, Manchester

I am excited to announce that a range of Jurassic Jewellery - jewellery

and fossils are available to buy in the prestigious Troubadour Art
Gallery in Chorlton Cum Hardy, Manchester.

The gallery has a super range of high quality paintings and sculptures from all over the World.

If there is anything you would like to buy that you can see on the website but not in his shop do let him know.
We can then work together and get it in stock.

Gallery owner James Chapman Kelly also writes a column in the
Manchester Evening News and the South Manchester Reporter so you may
know him from there.

If you live in Manchester please do pop in and have a look!

You can visit the website for the Troubadour Gallery at

Ian Barrett
Jurassic Jewellery

For any questions just email me at

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I would just like to apologise for the lack of posts lately
Been rather busy with a panoply of hassles and business plans - and not found much time to update very much.
I promise I will post something interesting very soon.
Here are a few recent images to keep you going for now....

Love to all

Ian Barrett

Sunday, January 04, 2009

I would like to wish everyone a splendid New Year and a wonderful 2009
In many ways I prefer New Year to Christmas itself, not least because it is the one time I am guaranteed a good rest.
When you make and sell jewellery you can be sure that the pre-Christmas period will leave very little time to prepare for the Christmas period itself.
I am rushed off my litttle feet in the weeks before Christmas, which in these credit cruncy times can only be a good thing, but does leave you rather exhausted by the time the festivities come round.

We had a lovely time with Beccy's parents in Devon and Max had a good time to run wild.
He had 3 - yes THREE stickings set out around their house, just to be sure Santa had enough room to leave presents. That's not even counting the ones he scattered around the tree.
There was a splendid stash left for him. The boy did well!

I got a fantastic Stylophone and a jellyfish aquarium lamp so I can die happy!

Anyway -
Now I have got Christmas out of the way I will be posting much more regularly, so much more soon!

Love and peace to all!

Ian Barrett
Manchester, 2009

Monday, December 01, 2008

Some Paintings Of Mine
I have been doing a lot of paintings lately. Just for fun really, and rI really have enjoyed messing around with paint. I love making a mess!
These are a few of the pieces I have made lately.
I hope you like them!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Julian Cope - Joe Strummer Memorial Busking Tour.

From the Julian Cope Head Heritage Website
In keeping with the theme of Julian Cope’s new album BLACK SHEEP, which advocates direct action and civil protest, the Archdrude and several of his musicians will – on Monday 27th October – embark on a 3-day-long busking tour of UK cultural centres. Accompanied by singer/guitarists Acoustika and Michael O’Sullivan, Universal Panzies leader Christophe F., and Black Sheep strategist Big Nige, Cope will commence the tour at 10 am at the site of ancient law hill Swanborough Tump in the Vale of Pewsey, and conclude on Wednesday 29th in front of the famous Carl Jung Statue in Liverpool’s Mathew Street. The entire action is dedicated to Joe Strummer, whose 1986 Clash busking tour was the inspiration. The Future is Unwritten!

Julian Cope Hits Manchester....!

There was a lot of umming and arrhing over the logistics of taking a bemused 5 year old boy to a random busking event on a freezing cold day in Manchester, with no promise of a time of arrival.
I eventually decided it was too good an opportunity to miss so thought I would combine the trip with a swimming session. MAx LOVES swimming so i knew this would get him onside.
I also showed him photos of Sqwubbsy as I knew this would help lure him into my web.
he has NO idea who Julian cope is but liked the look of Sqwubbsy!

We arrived FAR too early and had to pootle around various distractions for ages until eventually the archdrude and his rabble arrived in their big vans.

Had a quick hello with Julian and told him how long we had waited. ( nearly 2 hours...)
he said ' you have a very Utopian way of thinking...'
Which I guess is true.
he also asked me for the time which I thinks says something of his attitude to timekeeping!

They eventually assembled and brought Sqwubbsy to life and processed down onto the main road for the main event.

It would be a lie to say the whole of Manchester turned out to witness the busking but a small crowd, almost entirely of fans surrounded the band.

A few strangers wandered past but I think they scared away more than they attracted.

One girl took a look at Sqwubbsy and said 'Its scaring me. I don't like it! I want to go...

The band launched into various songs, of which some of the names escape me.
There were a few that are classics and favourites of mine
Pristeen!! - For free,and stood but 2 feet from the singer. WOW!
Rail On - The same....

Julian ranted and roused the 'crowd' and talked of the horrors and suffering of the Peterloo Massacre.
A minutes silence ensued which was very moving though did confuse Max. He is only 5 and not familiar with one minute silences.

What was weird was the way it turned from literally no event at all
Just me and Max going back to an empty street corner, to being a rock and roll event with crazed singers and their cohorts ranting and banging drums
Then they were gone.
Julian told us not to follow them, and to just dissolve into the afternoon……

Few people joined in who weren’t there for the event. Many were a bit bemused and most sadly walked on too quickly.

Cold though!

An amazing event!!

For More pictures go HERE

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The City Wakes Festival
The City Wakes is the first ever official tribute to Syd Barrett – original front-man and songwriter for Pink Floyd. A celebration of Syd’s creativity, The City Wakes focuses on Syd’s early life in Cambridge, providing a showcase for his remarkable talent and painting a picture of the explosive and vibrant early 1960s cultural scene in which he grew up.


I am terribly excited now that the City Wakes festival is underway. I am constantly amazed that the sustained interest in Rogers life and work has led to the creation of this festival. Creativity was at the root of his life so I am sure Roger would be amazed and touched to know that so many people are both enjoying and benefitting from so many new forms of creativity in his name. While he never wanted nor relished the fame that he never managed to throw off he would be pleased that the art he created is still inspiring so many.

I am looking forward to visiting Cambridge at the end of the week and to attending the Gala night of the festival.
I have read a little about the show itself, but want the bulk of it to be a surprise.
I have heard the performers have interepreted Rogers songs in their own way. That is a good thing!

Go Here to find out more about the City Wakes festival

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Technicolour Dream
White Crow Productions - 2008

'A Technicolor Dream is the story of the Underground movement in the UK during the sixties and leads up to its culmination at The 14 Hour Technicolor Dream, an all night “musical happening” that was held at Alexandra Palace on the 29th April 1967. The story takes in CND marches in the early sixties, the foundation of the London Free School and from that the International Times, the UFO Club and the Notting Hill Carnival. There are brand new interviews with Roger Waters and Nick Mason from Pink Floyd, John “Hoppy” Hopkins, Joe Boyd, Kevin Ayers, Barry Miles, Arthur Brown, Phil May from The Pretty Things and many more. All of this is set in a musical context with the music of Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd.'

I have just been watching a brand new film about the London scene around the 14 hour Technicolour Dream.
The chaps at White Crow Productions very kindly sent me a pre-release copy and I watched it this morning.
I have to say it is a beautifully shot film, with numerous seen and unseen clips and songs from the time, interspersed with intimate interviews with pretty much all the key people of the era ( a few obvious exceptions, but not everyone is still around to speak...)

From a personal point of view, it is lovely to find out so much about what was such an important event at the end of the Sixties. I have met most of the people interviewed at some point in the last few years so it is nice to have them tell stories about their experiences at such a fun time!
I was asked to be in the film, but with it's focus being on an event in the lat 1960's what the hell could I add? I wasn't born till 1972!

it is fascinating to hear about the early stages of the development of the London Psychedelic scene. The later parts are well documented, but the start - with the poetry reading at the Royal Albert Hall featured. It is easy to see it as a strong cultural phenomenon and not just a drug addled music festival as it is often perceived nowadays.
I for one had no idea of the links between the London Psychedelic scene and the development of the Notting Hill Carnival. It seems they developed organically from the same scene in Portobello Road/Notting Hill.

There are some beautiful unseen still images used in the film. I know for a fact they are unseen as I was sent the images before the film was finished. These are stunning live images from the very early shows in London. They help bring the era alive beautifully!
I DO wish I was part of that scene!

More soon... (when it has finished.)

Buy the Dvd cheaply here

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hi all
Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Nothing deliberate - simply that I have been stupidly busy trying to escape and cushion myself from the alleged horrors of the credit crunch.

I don't think I am alone in thinking the coverage of it is getting a little tedious.
I have my suspicions it is a supremely modern crisis in that it has been almost totally created by the media.
YES - there are obviously some very real threats and weaknesses in the banking industry and these have at some point to affect the public.
BUT -It seems that these threats have been SO conflated and hyped by the press, that everyone is scared and fearful of the future of their money.
Maybe if the coverage died down the level of fear can subside, and people can get on with their lives without worrying about having everything dear to them taken away.

It brings the wonders of Tulip madness to mind.
If you aren't aware of Tulip madness - basically several hundred years ago in Holland and eleswhere there developed an obsessional desire to buy tulips. YES - tulips!
People spent thousands of pounds buying the latest colours and styles of tulips. The market gre to the extent that single bulbs changed hands for many times more than a house, or a piece of land.


On a sad note - I was upset to hear of the death of Rick Wright - Pink Floyd keyboard player.
I had the pleasure to meet Richard briefly last year at the Syd Barrett tribute at the Barbican. He really was as quiet and unassuming as he has been described as.
While none of the surviving Pink Floyd members are particularly brash or loud, he really did come across as a polite gent.
Maybe his death will put to bed the almost constant speculation about the Pink Floyd reforming for a tour.
I have alway seen it as HIGHLY unlikely, but I can't see how any true Floyd fan can really expect the Pink Floyd live experience to happen again now it wouldn't have his keyboard playing behind it.
The perception I have is that David Gilmour is pretty fed up with the speculation so maybe this will finally put the idea to bed.

On a more personal note - I know that Roger/Syd was very close to Richard, especially in the later days of his tenure in the Pink Floyd. He lived with Richard for a while and he was very supportive of him through what was the start of a very difficult time in his life.
I think David Gilmour gets a lot of the credit for his friendship ( and with due cause) but Richard was also very supportive.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Syd Barrett's Cambridge

I have converted and uploaded the ITV Anglia news feature from 3rd September about the upcoming City Wakes Festival in Cambridge.
And I quote from the website.

Supported by Syd’s family and friends, The City Wakes is the first ever official tribute to Syd Barrett – original front-man and songwriter for Pink Floyd. A celebration of Syd’s creativity, The City Wakes focuses on Syd’s early life in Cambridge, providing a showcase for his remarkable talent and painting a picture of the explosive and vibrant early 1960s cultural scene in which he grew up.

Involving many of Syd’s former friends – not least Storm Thorgerson and Mick Rock - The City Wakes includes concert performances, exhibitions, guided tours, music workshops, a 1960s style ‘happening’, talks and a new book of interviews and memorabilia.

I am very excited about all the amazing events during this festival and find it incredible that the creativity that has flourished in the wake of Roger's death seems to just grow and grow.
While he would laugh at the fuss,
I'm sure he would secretly be impressed!

I have converted and uploaded the clip as I know there are lots of fans abroad that are unable to watch the clip from the net.


PS - On a personal note, I have just rebuilt and improved my Jurassic Jewellery webshop.It has a much nicer layout and is a lot easier to use.
If you like unusual jewellery - made with meteorites and fossils, please do have a look!
There are LOADS of new products to come soon, in time for Christmas! ...hint, hint.....

Thursday, August 07, 2008

A Day At Beeston Castle

We had a fantastic trip to Beeston Castle The other week.
It has been recommended by various people who said it is a beautiful site.
They weren't wrong!
As soon as you start approaching the site by car you can see the castle looming down at you from a huge hill.
Set in a stunning part of the Cheshire countryside it makes for an amazing trip.
We meandered up a hill along country lanes and parked in a stunning car park.
I have never been amazed by a car park before, but this really was a beauty!
It is set in a lovely little orchard and you leave your car in a lovely field surrounded by mature fruit trees.
Really pretty!
And the best thing about it was the ticket machine was broken so we got free parking.
We crossed the road to the Gatehouse and ticket office. The tickets were also free as Beccy works for Royal Mail and they get free entry to English Heritage sites. Double Hurrah!

The trek up to the castle itself is quite a trauma as it is really is perched on top of a VERY steep hill.
I guess this must be something to do with it being an ideal lookout post. Way back in those far off medieval days......

Monday, June 23, 2008

BIOGRAFILM FESTIVAL - Bologna, Italy - June 2008
We had a fantastic, if rather tiring trip to Italy for the Biografilm festival.
I was very kindly invited as a guest by the organisers to take part in the last day of the festival when they held a Syd Barrett Focus day.
This basically consisted of a variety of discussions and film screenings focussing on Roger/Syd and his career.
I was amazed by the level of interest in Roger's life and music. I had heard rumours over the years that there was lot of interest in Italy and I know that a lot of the people that travelled to visit his house over the years were Italian, but I have never really seen this obsession in action!

The trip to Italy also coincided with Max's fifth birthday. His wearing of a 'birthday boy' badge helped him to be invited into the cockpit to meet the captain on the flight to Paris. ( we had to change there as there are no direct flights to Bologna.)
With the current security situation we were amazed that he was let into the cockpit, but he was, and he loved it!
As you can see above he got to wear the pilots hat and sit in his seat.
This made the day for him I can assure you!


Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Bombay Bad Boy!

I couldn't help but chuckle when I read the below blog from Captain Sensible the other day.
He really isn't lying when he says it is an integral part of The Damned Rider.
When I met up with the band after their superb show in Manchester a while back I was lucky enough to be present with an actual pot of 'Bad Boy'.
I carefully transported this rock artifact home and sampled it's glories the next day.
I must say I was pretty impressed, but it wasn't as hot as I had anticipated.
Very pleasant though!

Oh, the sumptuous luxury us international celebrities are cosseted in as we travel the globe spreading joy and happiness!


I'll let you into a secret - on our gig contracts is a clause that says the promoter must supply, along with the bevarage requirements - 6 Pot Noodles..... and the 'BOMBAY BAD BOY' variety at that.

If you've never indulged discard the anti pot noodle snobbery and get down the shops to purchase one as ASAP as you are seriously missing out on a tongue sizzling experience. Blimey playmates, these snacks are HOT.... and that's coming from your vindaloo guzzling chums in the Damned.

Don't cheat and omit to apply the hot sauce though as you'd only be defrauding yourself of one of the great snack sensations of our times.


Oh, and if there are those out there who are on some strict diet or other then a good second best is TRUfree's Rice & Lentil Quick Snack - 80g of heaven..... especially if you bung in a bunch of chilli sauce or whatever.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wire - Futuresonic, Manchester May 3rd 2008

I had a superb night out on Saturday. As part of the gloriously eclectic Futuresonic festival the Academy 2 ( Students Union Hall to you and I) Wire played a blinding set. I don't claim to have intimate knowledge of the band, but I like what I know! I have a vinyl copy of ' A Bell Is A Cup' which I used to play regularly. I know Pink Flag is their 'classic' but I have never really heard it. That is not to take away from what was a superb show.
I spent the evening with good friend Kev Mann. As well as being Drummer with the Television Personalities, Alternative TV and the Creation - Kev is also a confirmed ligger. He spent the previous few days on tour with the Buzzcocks and was telling me some hilarious stories of life with Diggle et al.
I heard about and saw pictures of an amazing feat by Steve Diggle at the show in Crewe the night before. During the show Steve had managed to deeply embed a champagne bottle in the back wall of the stage! Not sure exactly how he managed this, but it is an impressive feat. Especially as it was neck end in the wall. I would have thought it would have fallen out of the wall.
But no!
Anyway - The Wire show was amazing This is the first time they have played in many years, and their only UK date. Bruce Gilbert is not back with the band and has been replaced by a competent ( if rather stern looking) Margaret Fiedler McGinnis, who has played with both Laika and in PJ Harvey's backing band.

The opening few numbers seemed rather hesitant and lacking power. The fact that Colin Newman was reading all the lyrics from a Mac Laptop on a stand in front of his was rather offputting. I know it has been a long time since the band's heyday, but surely he could manage to learn the lyrics in that time?!
What was amazing was the way the music built it's own momentum, and after 30 minutes had a blinding, motoring energy.

The simplicity of structure and sheer force of playing such simple songs gave the band real power. I don't know what Wire have been doing all these years, but they certainly haven't chilled out any! By the time they ended the main set the bass player was sweating profusely from under his woolly hat, and the Metronomic power of the drummer Robert 'Gotobed' was really something to see.

It is very easy to see why they were so influential. There are very obvious links to bands like Elastica ( who they sued for wholesale riff theft on ' Three Girl Rhumba.)
There are echoes of so many bands in their music.
REM were great fans and you can hear their early sound too.
There were rather bizarrely 3 encores. This is very odd for a supposed punk band and the stream of going off and coming back on again got rather tedious.
For a band that resolutely
'Don't do requests. Never have!' - Colin Newman. They seemed happy to use the showbiz encore generously. A superb and fiercely energetic set. I would love to see them again and will go back and learn more of their music and history if I get the chance!

Some superb Live shots from the show